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Das Spannende an der Technologie des 3D Laser Scanning sind die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, die Daten zu visualisieren und auszuwerten. Neben zielgerichteten Auftragsarbeiten stellt daher die Erforschung und Umsetzung künstlerischer Ansätze einen wichtigen Teil meiner Arbeit dar. Von Kirche, Opernhaus, Galerie, Street Art oder Theaterinstallation bis hin zu unterirdischen U-Bahnbaustellen oder afrikanischen Märkten – eine Vielzahl von Räumen boten mir bereits spannende Aufträge und Möglichkeiten für verschiedenste Sichtweisen und Anwendungen.
Hier finden Sie daher eine kleine Auswahl an Projekten sowie freien Arbeiten:

These are some examples of my 3D Laser Scanning Work. Watch the videos in HD!
The HD setting is 720p or 1080p – allow some time to load.

oper_01 Kopie

oper_02 Kopie

During several scan sessions the interior and exterior of the award-winning Stuttgart Opera House has been scanned and visualized. The collected data offers a multitude of possible applications. A cinematic visualization of the data with original music from the opera orchestra can be watched here .


The Narrative Space installation RHIZOMAT by Mona el Gammal premiered at the Berliner Festspiele – Immersion. For the creation of a Virtual Reality experience by INVR.SPACE 3D scans were conducted and visualized to support the arte 360° video concept realized in 2017.

A flythrough video created for the Zionskirche Berlin (with music). The inside and surrounding area of the church has been scanned and then visualized to give a special perspective on this great building.

3D laser scanning offers unique possibilities of visualizing buildings and spaces. This cut-off from the Zionskirche is only one of many:
A rotating loop of the lower level of the Zionskirche Berlin. This way it is possible to navigate to the desired view via the video player control.

A highly detailed layout of the church and its surroundings – exported directly from the laser scanning data – can be found here.

Video art.
The tiger enclosure of the Tierpark Berlin. As the tiger paces back and forth through the laser beam scanning the area it only leaves traces of its movement in space and time. These, in combination with the „scan shadows“ form a tiger stripe pattern on their own.

Flythrough featuring both the highest tree and the oldest tree of Berlin which are located only a few hundred meters apart (with music).

Different possibilities to visualize people are demonstrated here: Movement is only evident as abstract fragments whereas persons standing still over a certain amount of time can be clearly seen.

An abstract landscape. What appears to be translucent mountains and meadows in reality is an ensemble of Pelicans on the lawn. A print from this project is one of several art pieces featured in the international publication „The Art of the Point Cloud“. This is the first book that covers the artistic use of point clouds.



Another great and upcoming project I contributed to is the virtual reality experience of the ultra-successful Berlin Urban Art Installation The Haus: For realities.io several rooms were scanned with the laser scanner to bring them into VR.


Rosenthaler – Frozen Traces

VR-Installation that let’s you experience and fly through the frozen-in time movements of people and cars in the busy traffic at Rosenthaler Platz – Berlin.


As a side project scans of facades of old unrenovated buildings (predominantly Berlin Mitte) are carried out to preserve these interesting places that will continue to vanish. The goal is a compilation of highly accurate models that can be re-visited in VR or via other 3D visualizations.